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Speedcrypt Setup, Portable Version, Source Code
When you download the Speedcrypt Project, you have the option of downloading four different Packages. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, including the Packages that contain the Source Code. You can examine it, modify it, and recompile it as you wish:

Always make sure to download the Speedcrypt Project from the Official Website to ensure that you get completely safe versions, free from viruses, Backdoor, and Malicious Software.
Speedcrypt Setup Version
To install the Speedcrypt Project on your computer, simply launch the file named Speedcrypt-1.3-Setup.exe and follow the on display instructions. The folder suggested by the installer will be Program Files\Speedcrypt, but you are free to install Speedcrypt in a folder of your choice.

In very rare cases it is possible that some antivirus software may flag the program as suspicious. In such cases, it is sufficient to create an exception that allows the proper functioning of Speedcrypt. These instances are very rare, but possible. You don't need to worry, as Speedcrypt Project is completely safe and does not contain any malicious code.

During the installation phase, it is strongly recommended to follow the on-screen instructions and implement the suggested tips to achieve the best possible performance from the program. Once the installation is complete, users can avail themselves of the following options:

  • Speedcrypt, when opened, performs a partial Self-Test of the encryption algorithms and Master Key derivation. It is advisable to run the full Self-Test of the program before anything else to ensure proper functioning and optimal performance.
  • Configure the settings through the settings window. You can customize various options and preferences of the program and set up the encryption scheme that best suits your specific needs.
  • Associate Icon with Encrypted Files, if desired, you can associate the Speedcrypt icon with encrypted files for easy visual identification.
  • Utilize the User Guide, Speedcrypt provides a detailed user guide that can be consulted to better understand the program's features and make the most of them.
  • Updates and Support: Make sure to regularly check for available updates for Speedcrypt and take advantage of the support provided by the community or developers in case of any questions or issues.

It is highly recommended to fully utilize these options in order to achieve optimal and high-performance results from the Speedcrypt Project, ensuring the best possible experience.
Speedcrypt Portable Version
The Portable Version of the Speedcrypt Project is distributed within a compressed folder in .zip format ( and can be used on any computer. To achieve optimal performance, the same recommendations mentioned earlier regarding the Setup Installation apply. Additionally, if you are using Speedcrypt on multiple computers, it is advisable to rely on backup archives, which are essential for a proper encryption and decryption process of protected data. To use the Portable Version, simply extract the compressed folder to any location, except for Program Files and Program Files (x86).
Speedcrypt Source Code
The packages named and contain the source code of the Speedcrypt Project in the version with Setup and the Portable Version, respectively. They include the libraries used and everything you need to recompile the program. You can examine it, make changes, customize it, and recompile it according to your preferences.

  • Speedcrypt was created in C# language with Visual Studio 2022 (Net Framework 4.8 Common Language Runtime) on Windows 11 platform. Tested on Windows systems from version 8.0 and later. The speed of execution of the encryption processes is one of the many features of the program.
  • Speedcrypt uses third party components only and exclusively Open Source and already rigorously tested by the community of developers in the field of cryptography and more.

Thank you to all those who are willing to examine the code and report any anomalies, malfunctions, or incorrect implementations. The source code is fully available to you for this purpose as well.
Uninstallation Speedcrypt
The uninstallation of the Speedcrypt Project is very simple and can be done through two simple procedures related to the Setup and Portable versions. Before proceeding with the mentioned procedures, make sure you have decrypted any encrypted files, remove the Program Icon Association with encrypted files from the registry, and undo any configurations made in the Shell Link window. Follow these steps:

For the Setup Version:

  • Open the Programs and Features section in your operating system.
  • Locate Speedcrypt in the list of installed programs.
  • Select Speedcrypt and click on the Uninstall button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation process.

For the Portable Version:

  • Locate the folder where Speedcrypt Portable is installed.
  • Delete the entire Speedcrypt folder.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin to permanently remove the program files.

By following these steps, you can easily uninstall the Speedcrypt Project from your system!

Speedcrypt is distributed under the GNU (General Public Licenses) Ver. 3 and is an Open Source software Osi Approved Licenses that complies with all the parameters and conventions of free software, with the code available to the developer community. A heartfelt thanks to all those who want to examine the source code and help me improve the project!
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