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Donations to Speedcryt support the development of the project!
If you liked the Speedcrypt Project let your contacts know about it and help us with a donation. Donations are a very important support for the Project. Support our work. Thank you very much!
List of Contributors
An especially big thanks to...

Francesca Nieddu
"I know the importance of data security and I am for Open Source programs. That is why I use and support Speedcrypt".
Giovanni Ortu
"I really appreciate your great work and the entire Open Source movement".
Studio Attene
"Congratulations on your open source file encryption program! this is a valuable contribution to computer security."
Cristina Ninniri
"Thank you for your efforts in popularizing Open Source Software. Speedcrypt is a fantastic project!"

Note: If you want to be listed in the table above, please contact me for details before making a donation.

Donate to support the Speedcrypt Project. Making software like this takes a lot of resources and a lot of time. With your donations make sure that the project becomes more and more high-level. Thank you all!
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