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Reset all Speedcrypt Archives
The archive reset function is a useful option provided by Speedcrypt for its users. After decrypting all the files or their copies, the user may need to completely clean the program. The window called Reset the Archives CTRL+R performs this very function. The procedure does not interfere with the backup files related to the encrypted archives. Therefore, if something goes wrong, such as a reset executed by mistake, it will still be possible to restore the original condition.

The complete reset of the archives is very useful, especially when you are still not familiar with the program and something goes wrong. At any time, you can restore Speedcrypt to its original condition as it was during installation or, in the case of the Portable Version, during the first use.
The Window Reset
The displayed data shows, in order, all the archives used by the program listed by type and number, the data of some archives expressed in a pie chart, and finally the actual reset procedure. The first two panels are very easy to read and do not require further explanations, they basically offer a complete overview of what happens when the program works in the background and constantly updates all the processes of file Encryption and Decryption.
The most important archives are compared in the pie chart that displays numbers and percentages. All of this is within a very pleasant and, as already mentioned, equally intuitive graphical interface.
Speedcrypt Reset
To access the procedure that will lead to the total reset of the archives, it is necessary that all files are decrypted, only in this case it is possible to start the process. It is clear that if copies of encrypted files have been created, therefore not stored in the archives, it is advisable not to perform the restore operation, even if, as already mentioned, Speedcrypt creates backup copies that can be used if necessary or if the restore operation was performed by mistake.

Once the program has reached the operational condition required to access the reset procedure, it is possible to initiate the process that will lead to the complete reset and deletion of all data contained in the archives. To do this, simply click on the appropriate button and, after a request for authorization, Speedcrypt will proceed as required. The program will then restart after ten seconds, during which all archives will be emptied. A counter and progress bar will display the operation in progress.
Please note that resetting all archives should be done with caution and only when necessary. As mentioned in this guide page, it is recommended to make sure all files are decrypted and to avoid resetting if copies of encrypted files are stored elsewhere. If you do decide to proceed with resetting the archives, the procedure is simple and safe. After clicking the appropriate button and authorizing the reset, Speedcrypt will automatically restart and all archives will be emptied!
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