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Changes, Improvements, Bug Fixes
Speedcrypt 1.3 is a stable release. We strongly recommend that you update your software to this version.

Speedcrypt 1.3 introduces Password Typing, Keyloggers Shield and integration improvements, as well as minor bug fixes.

In version 1.3 a small Password Generator was introduced to help the user enter the Master Keys.

Hashes and signatures for integrity checking are available in this Webpage of my site.

You can Download the software and related Source Code on this Page of my Site.

If you like the Speedcrypt Project, please, don't forget to make a Donation. Thank you.
Speedcrypt Portable Version

New Features

  • Speedcrypt version 1.3 introduces the ability to enter passwords to encrypt files with a single master key. Now you can encrypt as many files as you want using a single password. These will be sorted in an archive following the same order used for dragging the Master Key. The sorting protocol does not change, with the difference, as mentioned, that with a single Password you can encrypt an unlimited number of files.
  • To protect keyboard input, a new feature has been introduced: Protected Mode. In this operating state, Speedcrypt creates a Secure Desktop within which you can operate safely from the infamous Keyloggers programs. To use this option, you need to have Net.Framework 3.5 installed on your system. Furthermore, in the self-installing version, administrator privileges are required that Speedcrypt is able to assign itself completely automatically.
  • A small strong password generator is now available to help the user create secure Master Keys. In this version, the strings are thirty characters long, in order to guarantee very strong passwords. It is also possible to store these Master Keys on native files with the .msk extension that can be saved using a PIN specially created by the user.


  • The graphics of the home page have been improved with some refinements that make the initial approach to the program much more pleasant and intuitive. The password evaluation is more complete and easier to consult. Aesthetic changes have also been made to the other windows of the program.
  • The reading of the settings, on the main page, is concentrated in a single window, easy to consult, which is automatically updated as you proceed with the use and operations within the program. This also applies to reading the currently set encryption scheme.


  • A small aesthetic bug that could occur when reading Master Keys containing special characters has been fixed.
  • The issues with Tooltip flickering have been resolved by reducing the aesthetic quality in favor of functionality. They are now stable and highly efficient. Fixed a minor bug regarding the wording of the encryption algorithms in the taskbar icon.


  • Setup Version: Speedcrypt version 1.3 is fully compatible with version 1.0. If you have already encrypted files with version 1.0, don't worry: you can safely update to version 1.3 using the self-installing setup. Speedcrypt will automatically recognize the configuration file and related archives, allowing you to decrypt files without any problems. It is not necessary to uninstall version 1.0 before installing version 1.3.
  • Portable Version: If you have encrypted files copy the configuration file Speedcrypt.config.xml from the version 1.0 folder to the new version folder. Copy the backup file from the backup folder to the "Backup" folder of the new version. No other manual operation is required.
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