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Awards, Ratings and Opinions
On this page, you can find reviews, opinions, and acknowledgments given to Speedcrypt. It's a very young project, recently introduced on the internet, born from intense work and great passion. The journey is still long, but we're moving forward step by step. Thank you all.

Awards and Ratings

"Speedcrypt File Encryption has just been recognized with a Rising Star award by SourceForge. This honor is awarded only to select projects that have reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and user engagement from the SourceForge community".

"Recommended as software of the day and reviewed with five stars in the site directory".

"Softpedia guarantees that Speedcrypt is 100% Free, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors."
User Opinions
Robert Condorache at in his article Review: 'Speedcrypt':
"For something more advanced, Speedcrypt is a heavy-duty piece of software for your encryption needs: protect important data behind the secure algorithms of a tool that implements various tried-and-tested cryptographic techniques.Speedcrypt is a useful piece of software for anyone looking to protect their files and folders. Though its interface may seem a little busy at first, the program isn’t difficult to maneuver after a bit of time with it."

MajorGeeks.Com in his article Review: 'Speedcrypt':
"Overall, Speedcrypt is a valuable tool for anyone looking to secure their files and folders. Although the interface may seem complex, it is easy to navigate once you work through its different functions."

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